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The Decision Maker’s Matrix will help you filter out distractions during your day and keep you laser-focused on doing the right work at the right time. Instead of taking one step foward and two steps back you’ll start making huge strides that propel you forward.

My private Facebook group brings together Visionary leaders from around the world and provides them with tools and resources to define their next chapter of success, work backwards to create their roadmap and recalibrate along the way.

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3 Vision Tips That Can Help in Uncertain Times

When everything in our lives seems to be in flux, it can feel like we’re in reactive mode. So today, I wanted to shine a light your way and encourage you around how Visioning can help you even in times of uncertainty.

How Long-Term Thinking Can Help You Ride This Wave

Today, I wanted to flesh that concept out and give you some more ideas to help you ride this wave – to help you stay focused on making your life happen, instead of letting it happen to you.

When Productivity Becomes Counterproductive

We have talked about how a Vision can help you shift from feeling discouraged to feeling empowered. But I want to clear something up. Because a Vision for your day may sound like yet another tool for doing MORE.


Lois Weinblatt is a Vision Coach, facilitator, speaker and founder of True North Visionaries. She helps leaders struggling with clarity stop wasting time and start making better decisions, faster. For over 6 years she has guided Visionary leaders and organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia through her proven process to clarify their next destination, create the Roadmap to get there and recalibrate along the way
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